Advocacy or Awareness Campaign

Momentum Communications Group changes the conversation about eating disorders

Awareness week anchored a yearlong awareness campaign.

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The public image of people with eating disorders historically has been confined to young white women. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) wanted to change that, showing that eating disorders affect tens of millions of Americans across every race, age, gender and socioeconomic group. NEDA brought Momentum Communications Group on board to dispel the stereotypes and build an inclusive movement that accepts everyone struggling with body image.

Momentum’s goals included engaging new audiences, increasing participation with key NEDA media, bolstering recognition of NEDA as a leader in preventive treatment and education, and boosting fundraising. For its efforts, Momentum’s campaign has earned first place in the “Advocacy or Awareness Campaign” category of PR Daily’s Nonprofit PR Awards.

NEDAwareness Week, an annual public health campaign, helped Momentum push NEDA messaging. The weeklong event became the focal point for enhancing NEDA’s awareness and reach. The team employed diversified storytelling to highlight how eating disorders intersect with a wide range of issues, including education, employment, sports, technology and entertainment. It also aimed to establish CEO Claire Mysko as a thought leader in the space.

Influencers played a role in the campaign, with ambassadors conveying their experiences; their stories were also pitched to journalists as part of a focused media relations effort that included op-eds.

Social media outreach capped the campaign with a focus on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. By the end of the campaign, donations to NEDA increased 244%. Media coverage included “CBS This Morning,” The Washington Post, The Atlantic, NBC News and NPR’s Morning Edition, among others.

Congratulations to Kylee Tsuru, Zach Halper, Victoria Dellacava, Karl Ortegon and Jim Miller.

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