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Food & Nutrition rivals the most stunning newsstand magazines

Solid research, strategic partnerships and an obsession with design propel the publication.

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Most professional associations produce a publication for their members, though most have transitioned to digital formats. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has resisted that trend, producing Food & Nutrition. a visually stunning print magazine for its audience of food and nutrition professionals around the world. Food & Nutrition has earned first place in the “Print Publication” category of PR Daily’s 2019 Nonprofit Awards.

The magazine not only delivers the goods to members but is accessible to nonprofessionals interested in the latest food and diet trends, nutrition research, policy initiatives, public health issues and the cultural and social issues that shape people’s health. The team has assembled a network of guest bloggers, freelance writers, recipe developers, nutrient analysts and photographers whose contributions are assembled into gorgeous designs that cover the gamut from spotlights on categories of foods to cooking hacks.

The team stays up to date on research and emerging trend by tapping into social networks, the latest trends and new and emerging research. They regularly interact with readers and freelancers to deliver relevant and timely features of the greatest interest, running the gamut from foods, cooking shortcuts and food additives to food recalls, nutrigenomics and the ketogenic diet. To engage readers, programs like recipe submissions are frequently introduced, as is a virtual dinner party.

Recurring features create a sense of continuity for the publication. The magazine’s costs are supported, in part, with paid advertising that is aligned with its content goals. The staff measures its effectiveness through social listening, web and social analytics and readership surveys. It also monitors activity in the social community, which connects readers directly with the publishers. The magazine’s website had more than 2 million pageviews in 2018.

Congratulations to Lauren Fox and Liz Spittler.

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