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Cherokee Nation shows and tells ‘where the money goes’

Integrating text, statistics, images and a little Cherokee language, CNB’s quarterly publication paints a clear picture of finances and values.

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Where does $500 million in revenues go each year? For the nation’s second-largest American Indian tribe, that’s not a small question, but it’s one that Cherokee Nation Businesses, LLC answers succinctly in its quarterly two-page publication “Where the Casino Money Goes.” The publication’s theme is “Jobs, Language, Community.” It’s rendered in English and also the Cherokee native language on Page 1 of each issue for a taste of the cultural identity of its audience.

CNB owns companies in a wide variety of industries, including gaming, manufacturing, telecommunications and more. “Where the Casino Money Goes” spells out in simple terms not just what its expenses and bottom line look like (offering a clear, at-a-glance breakdown of operations), but what values it supports. The Summer 2011 issue profiles one Cherokee citizen who, after a stint in the U.S. Army and education in information technology, turned to the Cherokee Nation Day Training Program and ultimately began work as an information systems network technician for the Nation. The same issue also takes a quick look at the efforts of the Nation’s food distribution program, which helps support good nutrition for its citizens who are struggling with food costs and other economic challenges.

“This is where the casino money goes,” says every issue, and readers will get a solid snapshot of the state of the company without needing an accounting degree, and a close look at the people benefiting from its success.

Congratulations to Talia E. Myres and Stephanie Pinkston of Cherokee Nation Businesses for winning top honors in the External Publication (Print or Online) category in this year’s PR Daily Awards.

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