Best Green Initiative

Packaging company shows its mettle with a slick sustainability report

No beginner’s luck here. Crown Holdings’ inaugural booklet about its green efforts deftly integrates hard numbers with its human component for a wide audience—and grabs a Ragan award.

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It’s only fitting that a global packaging company’s report should be nicely packaged. 

That it’s a sustainability report—and, moreover, the company’s first such compilation—only augments the impressive nature of the undertaking.

Rich with information deftly conveyed in digestible graphics, the report from Crown Holdings and the marketing PR firm ABI depicts the metal container manufacturer’s processes and successes, garnering it top honors in the Green Initiative category of Ragan’s PR Daily Awards for 2012.

Several elements helped the presentation stand out:

  • Macro and micro: The information ranged from overviews to specific data, offering the big picture and the specifics. 
  • A balanced look: The elegant presentation never became stodgy, thanks to inviting, easy-to-decipher graphics and lively photos that reinforced the integration of product and planet.
  • Layered components: In presenting its story, the company looks from multiple angles, including employees and external stakeholders, as well as its global presence and its diverse product line.

If one will excuse the pun, the information offered never seems canned. The freshness of the presentation conveys the essence of the green initiative itself. The language, too, is accessible to a diverse audience.

The joined forces of ABI and Crown Holdings deserve congratulations on a job well done.

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