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Akron Children’s Hospital brings child care info to the palms of parents’ hands

Hundreds of parents have downloaded the hospital’s Care4Kids mobile app, which helps them find locations, contact the hospital and find essential care tips.

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Parents, understandably, have a lot of questions about the health of their kids. And when they’re out buying diapers or driving carpool groups to soccer practice, they can’t check a computer to see if their child’s cough is a minor malady or something more serious.

The staff at Akron Children’s Hospital knew parents needed a resource to help answer those kinds of questions, available to them anywhere at any time. So in March 2011, the hospital worked with Fine Point Public Relations & Advertising to launch the iPhone and iPad version of its Care4Kids app, with an Android version following in August. A mobile version of the hospital website launched a month later.

For providing parents with a resource that really offered useful features, Fine Point took top honors in the 2012 PR Daily Awards in the category of Best Mobile Strategy and/or Campaign.

The development team looked to the top features on the Akron Children’s website—a find-a-provider function, hospital contact information and a location finder—and put them front and center in the app. The app also includes a game called “Am I Germy?” to help kids and parents avoid infections, Facebook and Twitter connectivity, access to instructional videos and articles, and get-well e-cards.

As an incentive to parents, the hospital offered a free parking pass to anyone who downloaded the app. So far, nearly 1,500 iPhone/iPad users and almost 500 Android users have taken advantage.

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