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University of Utah Health Sciences finds algorithm for a prize-winning annual report

The secret to its success: compelling content and an imaginative concept for pulling complex data together in an attractive package.

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An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure for making complex calculations. Naming its 2012 annual report “Algorithms for Innovation” allowed University of Utah Health Sciences to spotlight not just its commitment to innovation but its process for achieving it. 

The report’s attractive design, eye-catching images, and in-depth examination of the medical center’s work all add up to a first-place showing in the Best Annual Report category of Ragan’s 2013 PR Daily Awards.

The report is organized around five areas, dubbed “algorithms” by the writers and explained in question form. Algorithm No. 1, for example, is “Focus on Primary Care,” and asks: “What if we thought of primary care clinics as important research labs?” Other questions are just as thought-provoking, up to Algorithm No. 5, “Believe in Students,” posing the question: “What if undergrads authorized high-profile research papers?”

In between, the report engages readers with images of the center’s diverse workforce of scientists and support staff, showcases the medical center’s facilities, and brags a little about its success in cutting post-operative occurrences and increasing patient satisfaction. 

A companion website,, features content from the report along with seven original films highlighting the work of some of the center’s administrators, researchers, and clinicians.

Kudos to Dr. Vivian S. Lee, along with Amy Albo, Christopher Nelson, Brian Gresh, Jonathan Hall, Kathy Wilets, Phil Sahm, Luat Nguyen, Kim Grob, Scott Arrowood, Chuck Williams, Kristan Jacobsen, Joseph LeBaron, Travis Pitcher, Micah Anderson, and Kirstin Roundy, for an outstanding report that informs and stimulates the mind.

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