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appsasia helps 25 apps get off the ground

South Korea’s Mobile Internet Business Association hired the company to shine a spotlight on apps from Korea. The result? Millions of downloads.

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In the last ten years, millions of mobile apps have been created by companies and individuals around the world. This tidal wave of creativity shows no signs of ebbing—on the contrary, the pace of invention has quickened. How does an app marketer get noticed in this gigantic global rush to market?

If you’re the marketing firm appsasia, the answer is simple: Forge an alliance with a powerful Korean telecommunications association.

In 2012, The South Korean Mobile Internet Business Association, funded by regional telecommunications companies, approached smartphone-app marketing firm appsasia with $216,000 and one request: Bring international attention to South Korean companies through mobile.

The association wanted appsasia to seek out 25 apps, market them over four months, and on a limited budget, help the app developers become profitable and internationally known.

It was a big job. But appsasia achieved it: 132,642 paid apps sold and 2,202,716 free app downloads. Nine of the 25 apps broke into the top 200 on iTunes and the apps made a total of about $612,000. For bringing in huge results, appsasia is the winner of the 2013 PR Daily Award for Best Mobile Strategy or Campaign.

The company chose 15 games and 10 utilities out of 128 entries and promoted then with about $6,300 each in marketing from January to April 2012. The campaigns included improved copy on the apps’ iTunes App Store pages and improved screenshots. Banner ads, Facebook, blogger outreach, emails and communication via forums were all part of the mix, too. All the apps were translated into English and one other language as well.

The apps grabbed people’s attention. Reviews popped up on the TouchArcade site, in The Guardian, Pocket Gamer and other sites.

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