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Nikon builds an intuitive online newsroom

The newsroom’s modern, streamlined design makes it easy for media to find relevant information in multiple formats.

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The best online newsrooms quickly and efficiently give the media all the information they need about a product or service. They are clean, streamlined information hubs—no frills attached.

The online newsroom MWW designed for Nikon Inc. is such a newsroom. For its work in designing an intuitive, efficient online newsroom, MWW claims top honors in the Best Online Newsroom category of the 2013 PR Daily Awards.

MWW wanted the newsroom to provide the best possible experience to site visitors. It had to maximize visitors’ flexibility to access, view, and filter information. To accomplish this, MWW designed a one-click system that enables visitors to access information in multiple formats with one click. Some of these formats include press kits, podcasts, videos, images, and marketing copy. By presenting information in a variety of formats, the newsroom allows the media to choose the best format for their stories.

The newsroom also has translation and localization capabilities, so visitors can find information relevant to their locations and in their respective languages.

Videos, podcasts, and images are also easy to view. They pop out from the page in a small lightbox so that when a visitor is done looking at the image, he or she can easily close the box and return to the prior page.

The Nikon newsroom intuitively tells its products’ stories, which makes it a success.


Visit the newsroom here.

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