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Employees at the heart of Bacardi campaign to rid the planet of plastic straws

Spirits producer Bacardi launched the initiative as part of its commitment to water conservation.

Bacardi Employees Adopt No Straws Pledge - Logo -

In the values-driven marketplace, key stakeholders (consumers, customers, investors, employees, prospective employees) make decisions about an organization based on their commitment to values. The Bacardi employee-led campaign to cut down on the use of plastic straws is a great example of an organization living up to its stated values—a campaign that’s taken first place in the “Cause-Related Marketing” category of the 2016 PR Daily Awards.
The campaign was launched asking employees to stop using plastic straws, far too many of which wind up in the world’s oceans. Part of the Bacardi “Good Spirited” water conservation initiative, the “No Straws Pledge” set a lofty goal of having all brand homes, visitor centers, and major offices eliminate plastic straws at in-house events. 

The results, driven by engaged employees, were substantial: In addition to all centers committing to removing plastic straws and stirrers, employees shared the message through their offline and online social networks, generating a hefty amount of online attention and attention from industry partners and influencers. Meanwhile, media relations efforts resulted in coverage in a variety of news outlets. Supported by exemplary collateral materials, the “No Straws Pledge” achieved its goals and more.

Kudos to Jessica Merz and Amy Federman for the campaign.

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