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Cherokee Nation Business’ three-part publication answers a key question for stakeholders

Cherokee members got a visual and narrative explanation of “Where the Casino Money Goes.”

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When applied strategically, print remains a powerful medium. In the case of Cherokee Nation Business—the organization that manages the tribe’s business operations—print was the answer to a perennial question: Where does the money made at tribe-owned casinos go? The answer has earned it first place in the “Print Publication” category of the 2016 PR Daily Awards.

Where the Casino Money Goes,” a sturdy, four-color tri-fold publication, was produced in three installments—spring, summer and fall/winter. Each issue details the latest revenues and expenses for all the properties, along with the Chief’s letter and a consistent design theme. 

Issues also include profile stories. One focuses on a Cherokee thriving in a job made possible thanks to gaming revenues. Another shines a light on a Cherokee who has benefited from one of the services funded by casino revenues. 

Combining transparency, easy-to-understand data, and real-life stories that bring the benefits of the tribe’s casino operations to life makes the publication relevant to its recipients. The fact that it’s all contained on a single sheet ensures it will get a thorough look. Because it is distributed across Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses properties, print makes sense. 

The publication is supplemented with a full-page ad for each issue in the monthly Cherokee Phoenix and a dedicated website. 

Congratulations to Cherokee Nation Business for demonstrating that print is as vital as ever.

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