B2B Campaign

Just the facts: Report produces sales leads, media coverage based on data analysis

Sharing data highlights opportunities for retailers to improve customer service.

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Reputation.com is known in the B2B world as a service that helps improve the online reputations of businesses. A report the organization has issued (with the help of agency 10Fold) has won first place in the “B2B Campaign” category of Ragan’s 2017 PR Daily Awards

The report didn’t take the obvious path of demonstrating how its services have helped its clients. Instead, Reputation.com analyzed 400,000 online reviews to document customers’ experiences, sentiments and priorities when shopping. 

The data revealed opportunities for retailers to improve their services. A lot of the factors that emerged are often overlooked by retailers: value, service, wait time, cleanliness, convenience, manager interactions, product availability, staff competence and parking facilities and amenities. For each retailer, every category was scored on a 1-5 scale. 

The report included rankings for retailers in each category. For example, the Disney Store ranked highest in the category labeled, “Let me talk to your manager.” Ralph Lauren scored lowest, even though Express and Gymboree—which rated slightly higher than Ralph Lauren—“got unusually high volumes of negative manager reviews,” according to Reputation.com. 

So compelling was the report that Reputation.com actually generated sales leads from it. The report also attracted media coverage, reaching “more than 10 million marketing and decision makers in the retail industry,” Reputation.com says. 

For demonstrating the value of data in a simple document containing just the facts, congratulations to the team of Fran Lowe, Meghan Brown, Lauren Lloyd, Katrina Cameron and Michael Murphy.

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