Annual Report

Domtar's sustainability report dazzles

Gorgeous design, striking photos and infographics highlighted annual report.

2019 Sustainability Report

Any annual report can present compelling and useful information. Making that report so appealing that it draws readership like a magnet is a tougher challenge, one that is more difficult when dealing with typically dry themes like sustainability. Paper manufacturer Domtar has achieved spectacular results with its sustainability report, which has earned the top prize in the “Annual Report” category of the PR Daily Awards.

The report was structured around the company’s three sustainability pillars: responsibility, engagement and efficiency. It sought to express what drives the business under each of the pillars and how the company is progressing towards the goals it has set. The report focused on setting an example to the business world of how collaboration with stakeholders can produce a report with content and data that informs and inspires readers.

The editors captured input from more than 100 stakeholders, ranging from employees to advocacy groups, from communities to customers and shareholders. The editors also gathered input from the company’s sales teams and collected personal interviews, precise data and corporate statistics. The production of the report married a creative approach to reporting the company’s approach to sustainability with visuals and text that were assembled across multiple platforms.

The combination of striking photos, large and compelling infographics and top-notch writing makes the report a delight to read. It has produced positive comments from stakeholders, and has been used at university campuses and job fairs to attract new staff; executives have shared it at conferences and speaking engagements.

Congratulations to Paige Goff, David Struhs, Brian Kozlowski, Courtney St. Onge and Marguerite Butler.

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