Niche Campaign

Intel campaign targets legislators and regulators to support federal privacy legislation

Multiple in-person activities were supplemented by social media to promote Intel-drafted bill.

Championing Intel’s U.S. Privacy Legislation Among a Niche Privacy Audience - Logo -

The more common online interactions become, the more privacy is a concern. In 2018, Europe responded with the General Data Protection Act; several U.S. states drafted their own privacy bills. Believing that a federal privacy bill was the best approach for the U.S., Intel called for comprehensive U.S. privacy legislation and posted its own draft of a bill on an interactive site that allowed for public feedback. The campaign to promote the bill has won first place in the “Niche Campaign” category of the PR Daily Awards.

Intel contracted with RH Strategic to get the word out to the niche privacy audience that includes members of Congress and the Federal Trade Commission, chief privacy officers and their privacy lobbyists, and third-party experts and NGOs.

The campaign sought to establish Intel as a champion of privacy legislation, gain exposure for the draft bill and establish the company’s Global Privacy Officer as a thought leader. RH Strategic developed a press advisory to D.C. policy media and established messaging and a Q&A for the launch of the draft bill. They wrote and distributed media pitches with multiple pitch subject lines and drafted and placed thought leadership pieces in The Hill, which led to interest from The New York Times.

On the social media side, RH wrote more than 300 social media posts and drafted three blog posts on behalf of Intel’s privacy officer. The team also coordinated social coverage of multiple in-person events, including a Tech + Policy event and multiple speaking engagements. The effort delivered significant media coverage and a variety of other metrics that demonstrate the campaign’s effectiveness.

Congratulations to Trish Rimo, Emily Field and Aaron Edelstein.

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