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Teva launches patient information site in three global regions

Life Effects is a content marketing hub with content from patient contributors.

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The growth of the web as a resource for medical information has produced some serious adverse effects. Research conducted by Teva Pharmaceuticals revealed that one-third of patients got incorrect information or advice online. Nearly half found the jargon hard to comprehend. And 63% wished there were easier ways to know whether the health information they found online was relevant. Teva’s efforts to correct this have earned it first place in the “Patient-Focused Content” (Health Care PR and Marketing division) category of the PR Daily Awards.

Research led Teva to establish a digital hub for patients: Life Effects exists in three iterations to meet regional compliance requirements: the U.S., Europe and the U.K. One of the most interesting aspects of Life Effects is that, despite the fact that it is led by a team with journalism and publishing experience, the posts are authored by patients. (Teva also engaged Healthline, a consumer health information site, and Slate Studios, a podcast network, to help balance the voice of the patient with authoritative content.)

The patients offer first-hand, credible perspectives on what it’s like to live with a chronic condition that a Teva product addresses. The team has worked with 42 patient contributors across five chronic conditions who have produced more than 300 pieces of content, which includes articles, narratives and diaries, how-tos, listicles, photo galleries, opinion pieces, videos and podcast episodes.

To reach patients, Teva employs paid social, partnerships and other advertising. Life Effects garnered 42 million-plus impressions and 1.5 million pageviews between June 2018 and May 2019; other metrics are equally impressive.

Congratulations to Teva’s Arun Mahtani, Lili Radloff, Faye Howard and Duncan Welling.

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