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Stunt delivers message of appreciation to working moms

#LetGuiltGo campaign exceeded goals established by agency.

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Primrose Schools, a national system of private preschools, had dual goals for its social media campaign, #LetGuiltGo. First, the school chain sought to initiate a national conversation about the need to support working parents. By doing so, Primrose also hoped to generate engagement with and enrollment interest in the schools. How it achieved its goals has won the top prize in the “Social Media Campaign” category of the PR Daily Awards.

The organization’s marketing agency, Jackson Spalding, set initial goals of 2.75 million social media impressions, 550,000 video views, 6,000 blog views, 120,000 media impressions and 500,000 influencer outreach impressions.

Research found 73% of moms say they like to give the impression their lives are under control, but 76% admit they can’t finish everything they need to do in a day. The campaign was crafted to demonstrate appreciation for these women.

Individuals fitting the demographic were invited to a fake market research study in which they were recorded answering questions, after which they were informed there was no marketing study and were shown video of loved ones expressing their appreciation, after which those loved ones appeared in person—all caught on camera.

The video campaign was released on National Working Parents Day, supported by a robust, integrated distribution campaign covering key social media channels. Five influencers were recruited to further build awareness; they shared their personal stories of parent guilt in addition to driving traffic to the campaign. Media outlets covering the campaign included USA Today and Working Mother.

In addition to exceeding PR goals, nearly 350 visitors to the campaign blog clicked through to the “Find a School” page.

Congratulations to Kate Weaver, Maggie Pittman, Callie Corley, Kim Nogi, Alicia Harwell, Mike Martin and Scott Hartman.

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