Thought Leadership Campaign

Ascension's multipronged campaign elevates leaders among key audiences

Op-eds, speaking engagements and awards served as thought leadership campaign’s foundation.

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Ascension, one of the U.S.’s largest faith-based health care organizations, sought to elevate the organization’s overall brand reputation and draw attention to its commitment to care excellence. A thought leadership campaign was pegged to achieve these goals, targeting consumer audiences, industry leaders, physician leaders, employees, prospective employees and other key stakeholders. The resulting campaign has won the top prize in the “Thought Leadership Campaign” category of the PR Daily Awards.

The campaign built a strategy that included media content, speaking engagements and awards for Ascension health system leaders and local-market executives. Before launching into the campaign, the organization conducted qualitative research including an in-depth media analysis to assess the thought leadership landscape and Ascension’s existing share of voice. The research led the campaign team to settle on key themes like health care reform, personalized care and telemedicine.

When editorial content was placed, it was promoted across the local hospital systems and Ascension’s social media channels, along with other media content that aligned with the campaign’s strategy. In addition to traditional media, Ascension leaders also published articles on LinkedIn. Social media content linked to the LinkedIn pieces, notably via Twitter.

The campaign secured more than 860 media placements, delivering more than 53 million impressions. The campaign also netted more than 140 local and national awards and more than 220 local and national speaking engagements. And in a single year, social media outreach produced more than 3,400 posts promoting earned media content; more than 14.8 million users were reached.

Congratulations to Nick Ragone and Johnny Smith.

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