Brand Awareness

A 70th birthday affords Sandia National Labs a chance to toot its horn

Touting its ‘exceptional service in the national interest,’ the organization raised its profile—among the public and potential employees—through social media and other online channels, winning “Best Brand Awareness Campaign” in PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards.

Sandia Labs' 70th Anniversary - Logo -

Milestones offer great opportunities to strut your stuff.

Celebrating Sandia National Labs’ 70th birthday, its digital communications team shared its history through engaging, creative and informative content using social media and other online channels.

In addition to sharing historical facts, the campaign aimed to accomplish broader, strategic goals: 

  • Public relations. It boosted awareness and the positive perception of Sandia’s image, work and community relations, as well as building upon Sandia’s reputation of providing “exceptional service in the national interest.”
    Recruiting. Social media enables Sandia to create brand awareness and connect with prospective employees, especially those under 35. 
    Issue education. Sandia uses online platforms to put forth experts to engage with audiences and showcase their knowledge.

Significant results include:

  • Social media posts: 105
  • Social media impressions: 1,000,000-plus
  • Social media engagements: 24,500-plus
  • New followers: 16,000-plus (nearly 10% growth)

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