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How Children’s Health segmented its newsletter audiences for greater focus

By focusing on specific topics, the organization is better serving kids and parents dealing with an array of issues, winning “Best Email Newsletter” in PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards.

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Health concerns vary widely from family to family, from child to child.

That’s why Children’s Health took on a mammoth project, expanding from one general e-newsletter to 11 offerings.

The team set out to grow its email marketing program by creating 10 new clinical-specific, consumer-facing eNewsletters. The new, more specific newsletters include focuses on cancer and blood disorders; food allergies; diabetes and other endocrine-related matters; and mental health and substance abuse.

The newsletter’s objectives included:

  • Increase awareness and reach of its clinical programs and expertise.
  • Establish and deepen relationships with existing and potential patient families by providing personalized, relevant content about specific programs or conditions.
  • Ensure that all emails are brand-comp­liant and meet best practices by setting up a standardized, system-wide email process.

The effort expanded the email consumer base by 46% in 2019, along with the following successes:

  • Increased website traffic driven by email communications. Website sessions from email subscribers increased 69% year over year.
  • Increased email engagement rates. With the addition of new digital newsletters, average engagement increased 47% year over year.
  • Above-average open rates for consumer-facing email lists, the highest being the Food Allergy Community Times email, with an open rate of 43% (roughly double the health care industry average open rate).

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