How the CDC reached young, jittery parents on their own turf: Instagram

Porter Novelli addressed the rampant misinformation flow regarding vaccinations with an engaging campaign on the visual platform, winning “Best Use of Instagram” in PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards.

CDC NCIRD Instagram Story Q&As: Opening the Vaccine Dialogue - Logo -

The deluge of misinformation about health issues and preventive measures predate COVID-19.

Reported vaccination coverage—for measles, flu and other preventable illnesses—of young children remains high nationally, yet coverage varies by state.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases enlisted Porter Novelli, which launched a successful campaign called CDC NCIRD Instagram Story Q&As: Opening the Vaccine Dialogue. The campaign reached many modern, Instagram-savvy parents—younger consumers starting families.

Porter Novelli conducted Instagram Story Q&A sessions on the @CDCgov Instagram account. One addressed relevant questions parents had about childhood vaccination; the other focused on flu inoculation.

The Q&As reached thousands of CDC followers. Among the results:

  • Childhood immunization: Published a total of 26 story frames, including an introduction, conclusion, and 22 responses to audience questions. 
  • Flu: Published a total of 39 story frames, including an introduction, conclusion, and 35 responses to audience questions.
  • Engaged audience: The childhood immunization Q&A received 125 questions and the flu Q&A received 104 questions. This direct line to the audience allowed both Porter Novelli and the CDC to respond questions in real time, as well as gain further insight into parents’ concerns and questions.

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