Porter Novelli squashes myths and distills truth about vaccines

The agency’s videos for the CDC have generated 3.6 million views and earned a win in the “Video” category at PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards.

How, exactly, do vaccines work?

It’s a question that merits clear, science-backed explanation in this age of conspiracy theories and misinformation. To help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases dispel myths and fake news swirling around lifesaving vaccines, PR giant Porter Novelli created a “How Vaccines Work” campaign (pre COVID-19).

To address common vaccine questions and concerns, Porter Novelli developed three, 60-second animated videos offering reliable, scientifically-grounded information in a format ideal for on-the-go parents, as well as complementary 6-second “bumpers” to reinforce the full videos’ messaging and prompt views of the next video in the series.

The videos surpassed the agency’s goal to receive 20,000 engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by 330%. The video series also surpassed the goal to receive 2 million completed video views through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram by more than 95%, and they’ve remained as a constant presence on CDC social channels and a popular series on YouTube, garnering more than 3.6 million views across all three videos.

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