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Northwestern Medicine offers a straightforward brand explanation

In the midst of a new branding strategy, the organization offered a video that felt like a one-on-one primer to help employees understand.

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Northwestern Medicine has put a whole lot of work into building its new master brand. It encompasses two anchoring hospitals, more than 23 ambulatory locations, and through a shared vision joins the health system Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. All in all, 18,000 employees work under that umbrella.

Little of that work matters if the employees don’t know or care about the new branding, so the organization built a website, the Brand Center, to help inform employees of the changes and what they mean for them. The department of communications also created a video that employees see when they first visit the site to give them an overview of what the site is all about.

The video is what the communications team describes as a “whiteboard” video—as a voiceover describes the most important aspects of the rebranding, a hand pops in with a dry-erase marker and draws visual aids to help viewers understand. The presentation is clear, easy to understand, and personable. Not only that, it gives viewers an email address at the end where they can send questions. 

For those reasons, Northwestern Medicine’s Brand Center video is the winner of PR Daily’s 2013 Video Award for Best Training Video.

So far, more than 3,500 employees have watched the video, and the feedback has been great. 

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