Frito-Lay North America serves up a brilliant executive video series

‘Snack Leader’ introduced front-line employees to leaders while delivering values-based messages.

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Frito-Lay—a PepsiCo subsidiary—employs some 50,000 people in the United States, many of whom work in production facilities where they spend virtually no time in front of computers. Yet its “Snack Leader” video series could be used in any communications class as a best practice for reinforcing organizational culture and building high levels of employee engagement. Its success is reflected by the fact that it’s won first place in the “Executive Communication Video” category of PR Daily’s 2017 Video and Visual Awards.

The “Snack Leader” series features lively, interesting conversations with Frito-Lay leaders while underscoring the three key behaviors the organization wants to encourage in the field: confidence to speak up with their own points of view, belief that leaders value their ideas to drive the business and consistent execution in all work-related roles. 

The video series also helps employees understand the work senior leaders do, with interview subjects answering a range of questions covering everything from business priorities to personal hobbies. (Many of the questions come from employees who are encouraged to ask them in a Yammer group.) The videos are designed to be viewed on social networks, during meetings, on TVs in break rooms, but especially on mobile devices—and to be understood whether the audio is on or off. The blend of quick cuts, animation and captioning makes each episode highly accessible. 

Episodes of the series have been viewed nearly 17,000 times, with viewership increasing with the release of each episode. 

Kudos to Vann Bischoff, Toni Werner and Chris Kuechenmeister for a brilliant job with the series.

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