Organization Overview Video

Institutional video connects customers and employees to its real work

Production demonstrated how the organization’s activities contribute to the greater good.

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Neither customers nor employees tend to think much about the good GE Power Services does. Mostly viewed as a creator of hardware and software solutions, the organization actually improves people’s lives around the world by keeping vital systems running. Wanting to connect internal and external audiences to what the organization really achieves, GE Power Services called on production firm Mountain View Group to develop a short video. The video that resulted has won first place in the “Organization Overview Video” category of PR Daily’s 2017 Video and Visual Awards.

Demonstrating sustainability efforts and the use of advanced technology to power schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure was the video’s primary goal. The video also showcases the people behind the organization, and the passion and expertise they bring to their assignments. 

The video addresses a key challenge nimbly: covering the broad range of customers the organization serves and the vast number of solutions it delivers. Footage was filmed in remote locations, like the Middle East, to offer a glimpse into how GE Power Services contributes to making the world a better place. 

The video was never meant for broad online distribution. Instead, leadership shows it during customer presentations and at energy industry events, where it has enjoyed an enthusiastic response. Focus group tests also score the video highly for positive mood, joy, surprise an attentiveness. 

Congratulations on a superb video produced by Simon Umlauf, photographed by Craig Braden and Duane Codrington, written by Mickey Bradley and designed by Michael Neff, with visual effects by Kevin Taylor, editing by Buff Harsh, sound design by Joel Edwards and voiceover by Susannah Kenton.

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