Animated Video

Military helicopter capabilities are shown off video game style

3D animation puts viewers inside a covert operation.

Bell V-280 Valor—3D Mission Video  - Logo -

A video from interactive and visual content shop 900lbs for Bell (formerly Bell Helicopters), showing off the capabilities of its V-280 Valor military helicopter, has won first place in the “Animated Video” category of PR Daily’s 2018 Video & Visual Awards.

The vehicle is in development and not yet available. Because it’s not on the market yet, animation was chosen as the best way to demonstrate how this helicopter—with twice the speed and range of conventional helicopters—will perform in the field. The 3D animation puts people watching the video in the middle of a covert military operation executed by personnel flying in several of the V-280.

More than anything, it looks like a high-end, state-of-the-art video game. It’s sobering, though, to realize this is a representation of how the V-280 will actually be used. The quality of the video speaks for itself. 

Congratulations to the team of Levi Bilbrey, Carl Coffman, Frank Lazarra and Deana Taylor.

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