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Data analysis report demonstrates the power of print

Dynamic dimensions, high-quality paper stock, color and design meshed to make an impact.

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The rationale for publishing a print document emerged from two challenges faced by Florida Realtors. Its success in meeting those challenges has won Florida Realtors first place in the “Print Design” category of PR Daily’s 2018 Video & Visual Awards.

The goals of the publication, “Take the Lead,” were centered on driving attendance at the WIRE conference, the inaugural Women in Real Estate event set for Hollywood, Florida in mid-September 2018.

The first challenge was competition from two other realty-focused conferences around the same time. The second was a short timeframe for preparing the conference. The publication was identified as a means of answering the question, “Why should I attend?”

The 12-page report was conceived to present data analysis from the Florida Realtors membership around the role of women in real estate. Women dominate the profession, yet questions remained about their role in the industry’s leadership. Knowing that the data-driven content of the publication could be dense and difficult, the communications team created design elements to make the data more accessible and understandable. The design also employed a “soft but rich color palette.”

The project’s art director elected to use an 8×12-inch format to be intentionally tall, conveying the importance of women in the real estate industry. Everything comes together in the book, reinforcing the continuing importance of print: The design could not be replicated on the web, but the tactile experience of the physical product seals the deal. The cover stock is heavy and matte-finished. The cover art resembles something akin to a Picasso work.

The interior paper stock is also substantial, with high-end color printing that is consistent whether displaying images of women leaders in Florida real estate or charts that deliver easy-to-comprehend data. The font, the use of white space and even the inside back cover deliver strong visuals that reinforce the publication’s key message.

“Take the Lead” is a reminder of why communicators should continue to keep print in their toolboxes.

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