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Gender-neutral narrator delivers guidelines to YouTube creators

Animated video guides creators through unacceptable content categories.

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Anybody can create a video for YouTube. For a number of reasons, any of those videos can be removed and sanctions leveled against creators if they violate the video-sharing company’s guidelines. The multidisciplinary creative studio Lorem Ipsum was tasked by YouTube with creating a video for its Creator Academy—a one-stop shop for education and vlogging resources—that would educate the audience on just what those guidelines are. The video Lorem Ipsum produced has won the top prize in the “Animated Video” category of PR Daily’s Video & Visual Awards.

The studio knew the video would have to capture and retain the attention of the creator audience, which skews young. That meant it had to be engaging while concisely explaining the rules of the road, including the four YouTube “freedoms”: expression, belonging, information and opportunity. The rules that needed to be explained covered ethics, brand and community.

To serve as a guide through the video, the production team opted to create a gender-neutral animated character who supports a narrator voice-over. The animation does a brilliant job of conveying the nature of violations and maintaining viewer interest for the video’s 4.5-minute running time.

In that short time, the video delivers information on 11 different lessons, which made it easy to divide the video into 11 shorter films where creators can learn about specific guidelines. The videos have an aggregated 1.2 million views.

Congratulations to the Lorem Ipsum staff.

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