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Digital video normalizes discussion of vaginal health issues

Video ran across multiple platforms, boosting brand awareness and purchase intent.

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AZO—a producer of urinary, bladder and vaginal health products—had a new product on the market: an over-the-counter feminine probiotic capsule. The company’s marketing agency, The Thomas Collective (TTC), developed a customer journey-focused messaging map which included the role of video in the campaign it was spearheading. The result has earned the top prize in the “Digital Advertisement” category of PR Daily’s Video & Visual Awards.

TTC undertook behavioral research and learned that continued embarrassment about discussing vaginal health kept a lot of women from learning about nonprescription methods of preventing and dealing with yeast infections. They also learned women were more likely to trust social influencers over health professionals, and also consume more video online than any other audience. The type of content they most enjoy consuming is news/informational.

All that led TTC to drive digital conversations on vaginal health by sharing fact-based education on key topics identified by the research as usually shrouded in secrecy and misinformation (such as the leading causes of yeast infections).

The team’s videos cover the topics quickly (from six seconds to one minute), and the team created supporting articles, infographics and other content. The videos themselves share quick vignettes offering information that empowers women to make confident health choices.

The overall campaign—shared across multiple platforms including social media, streaming channels, native and organic channels—led to a 15% lift in brand awareness, an 18% bump in brand favorability and a 13% improvement in purchase intent. The content shared on social media delivered ad recall that exceeded benchmarks by 12%.

Congratulations to the team of Kimberly Howard-Thomassen, Kat Smolarek, Greg Russo, Lisa Hennessy, Deanna Brigandi and Ally Langston.

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