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'Fishbowl' video series helps reinvigorate engagement at Newell Brands

By humanizing the company’s leadership, segments attracted widespread viewership.

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Seeking a way to build a stronger connection between employees and leaders, the corporate communications team developed a lighthearted, humorous and creative video series that offered employees the ability to get to know their leaders in a more personal light. The eight episodes of “The Fishbowl” produced so far have earned first place in the “Executive Communication Video” category of PR Daily’s Video & Visual Awards.

The segments feature members of Newell’s Management Committee and Extended Leadership Committee sharing unrehearsed responses to a series of fun and random questions about themselves. The executive participants draw the questions from a fishbowl, read the question aloud, then offer their candid answers. Questions include, “Who’s your celebrity doppelganger?” and “What is your spirit animal?”

The communications team arranged to shoot the videos when the executives were visiting headquarters (catching each executive twice, once for “The Fishbowl” and once for another video series, capitalizing on their availability without taking too much of their time).

Produced entirely in-house with no outside support, the finished videos average well more than 2,000 views each with an average retention rate above 80%. Executives and employees alike have praised the videos. One employee’s feedback reflected what a lot of employees have expressed: “Just wanted to say I really appreciate these little videos; they make us learn a little about our leaders. It actually makes them real and human.”

Congratulations to the Corporate Communications team.

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