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Kroger video tracks product from ‘Concept to Cart’

Initially produced for shareholder meeting, video was shared on intranet and externally.

Concept to Cart—Cuban Style Potato Chips - Logo - https://s39939.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Kroger-logo.png

The grocery brand Kroger creates and produces thousands of unique food products each year under the “Our Brands” label. With a shareholder meeting on the horizon, the media team sought a way to showcase “Our Brands” for attendees. Without disclosing proprietary information, the team set out to create a video that shared the process of introducing a new “Our Brands” product. Its success has earned it top prize in the “Explainer Video” category of PR Daily’s Video & Visual Awards.

The video, titled “Concept to Cart,” was designed to cement Kroger in shareholders’ minds as the ultimate food authority. It focused on a single product: Kroger’s new Private Selection Cuban Style Potato Chips. (All attendees got a bag of the chips, as well.)

The concept, scripting, writing and production were all performed by a member of the Kroger in-house team, with only a month to complete the production. The video featured a host and a cast of employees and interns (and one paid actor), with more than 20 scenes shot in 10 different locations.

The entire production cost less than $5,000, a remarkable feat given the high quality of the fun, fast-paced video. The shareholders and board members who saw it first peppered the company with positive feedback, leading the team to also share it on the company’s intranet as well as on its external website, where it has racked up 117,000 views.

The video has also been viewed more than 11,000 times on LinkedIn (earning multiple shares, comments and reactions). There were also plans to use the video at the company’s 2019 Investors Conference in New York.

Congratulations to Christopher Willig, Andrew Brown, Dan Roark and Jonathan Marasco.

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