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Animated overview inspires retailers to 'look under the hood' of Reach

Video developed for customers is also being used for internal training.

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Miller Zell, a retail experience solutions company, partners with retailers to create customer experiences in their stores. The company’s proprietary logistics management system, Reach, provides clients with 24/7 access to their projects. Accessible across multiple devices, Reach helps clients manage their orders, planning and scheduling during store rollouts.

The company was aware that prospects and existing clients didn’t fully understand everything Reach could do for them, not only during large-scale rollouts but also as a system that simplifies logistics. The video developed to inspire greater curiosity into Reach’s features and capabilities has earned first place in the “Product Marketing Video” category of PR Daily’s Video & Visual Awards.

Among the objectives for the video—beyond motivating retailers to look under the product’s hood—was making it clear that Reach is the work of a knowledgeable team that isn’t available from competitors. Because of the complexity of the product, the team dismissed the idea of producing a product demo, opting instead for a marketing piece that showcases the problems Reach solves (including adapting to the needs of each project).

The producers saw the video as the first step in a journey; the next step would be a request for a customized demo. The video was developed by working with the team responsible for Reach, who watched demos and read case studies. Working with Mock, The Agency, the video took shape, delivering exactly what the company needed: an explainer for existing clients and a marketing tool delivered via the company’s website and social media channels.

As testament to its effectiveness, it has even been used for training and new-hire onboarding.

Congratulations to Leigh Canavan, Adriana Sandoval, Don Mock, Amber Skievaski, Tyler Dawson and Reggie Barton.

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