Bad leads plus bad poetry equals C.R.A.P.

One editor loads her lead with a cliché; another one asks employees to write poetry. Both of them get this week’s C.R.A.P. Awards.

It’s been a busy week at C.R.A.P. (Corporate Rhetoric Awards Program) Central, and I ‘ve got not one but two C.R.A.P. Awards to hand out to deserving editors.

So let’s dive right in. The first C.R.A.P. Award goes to an editor who—and this is almost unbelievable—asked her readers to write haikus. I’m not kidding. Here was the headline: Can you haiku? Vent your technology frustrations with a verse

She then asks readers to use the 5-7-5 syllables-per-verse haiku formula to write about their struggles with technology. She even gives them a sample:

No, say it’s not so Frozen words on screen, help me The day’s work, hanging.

Good God. I wouldn’t want to be in this communicator’s place the next time the company is considering layoffs, and she has to defend her value to the organization. It’s going to sound something like this:

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