Bookworms: What does your favorite writer say about you?

Are you more of a Jay Gatsby or a Holden Caulfield?

Don’t worry, just because you like J.D. Salinger doesn’t mean you’re likely to go around hunting down any musicians.

If you’re wondering what reading the likes of Kurt Vonnegut or William Faulkner says about what kind of person you are, the Huffington Post has come to your rescue.

The site looked at 11 different authors, ranging from William Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling, and what each author’s characteristics and writing styles say about the mindset of those who read them.

The breakdown may intrigue you. Here’s some of what it had to say about five scribes:

Edgar Allen Poe: You always keep people on their toes, and they may not know what to expect from you.

William Shakespeare: You are particularly witty, and have an affinity for word play.

Kurt Vonnegut: You are the one your friends rely on to find humor in the darkest of circumstances.

Jane Austen: You’re definitely an ideal best friend, loyal to the core.

William Faulkner: You are observant, fully taking in everything around you, and yet you are an extrovert.

What else does the HuffPo say about these authors, as well as a few others? Take a look.

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