Brands ignore 70 percent of Facebook questions

The industries with the highest response rates are telecommunications and airlines. Does that surprise you?

When it comes to social media community management, we have a rule that’s easy to implement, but hard to ensure: Respond to everyone. We try. My, how we try. But sometimes, often when the brand is particularly enormous, some comments and questions go unanswered. Turns out, this is pretty common with brands across social media. SocialBakers has touted the need for companies and brands to be socially devoted. This means that you keep your wall open to posts, respond to at least 65 percent of questions, and respond in a timely fashion. However, the company’s data suggests that this isn’t happening. In fact, SocialBakers is reporting that most companies are missing the point of social media:

“An incredible 70 percent of questions from Facebook fans are ignored which completely contradicts the interactive nature and purpose of social networks. What´s even more alarming is that 25 percent of global companies go as far as closing their wall on Facebook to prevent fans from asking questions at all.

From an industry standpoint, telecommunications and airlines are the only industries where you see higher than a 50 percent response rate.

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