Cliché overload? Boy, you can say that again

’Tis the season to roast some communications chestnuts.

’Tis the season to roast some communications chestnuts

Every industry lends itself to clichés.

Back in the day, the Madison Avenue suits would run an idea up the flagpole to see who saluted—when they weren’t throwing it against the wall to see if it would stick.

But communications is a hotbed of the most hackneyed treacle since the great flood – or something like that. Anyway, shouldn’t we know better?

Coming off Fourth of July, let’s declare our independence (oh, lord, it’s contagious) from clichés and avoid them like the plague. You know, the whole nine yards (whatever the hell that means).

Be transparent.

Isn’t that like being invisible? That would really hinder communication. (“The Invisible Man is here for your 10:30 meeting.” “Tell him I can’t see him.”) Then again, transparent communication might make people think they’re hearing voices. And if those other voices irritate their own voices, you’re in for a scuffle. Why not be translucent, instead? It’s, um, enlightening.

Create awareness.

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