Communicators, are you confusing these verbal cousins?

Are you assuming or presuming? Ensuring or insuring? Sometimes it can be confusing. Here are how you can be certain you’re using the right term.

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Most public relations professionals relay on their spell checkers.

Looking for red underlings to help identity misspelled words can provide a misleading confirmation of accuracy.

If those first two sentences weren’t like nails on a chalk board, you definitely should read this post.

Technology is our friend, right? Well, while we all cozied up to spell-check, it decided we could use the wrong word as long as it was spelled correctly. Here is where you can get into trouble.

No problem, we have a Word to the Wise: Here are five little bandit groups that PR professionals must watch before they undermine the credibility of your professional communications.

1. Accept, Except, and Expect

Accept is a verb that means “to take in.” The preposition except means “other than.” The verb expect means to “depend on” or “await.”

• All public relations pros, except those who are very old school, accept the influence of social media. We expect it to be part of our planning now.

2. Affect and Effect

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