Communicators, now is the time to act on GDPR

Join this webinar and get the facts about how new data privacy laws will affect your job and organization.

You’ve probably heard about the forthcoming GDPR deadline in Europe. What you may not know is how profoundly these new data privacy rules will affect your job and organization.

U.S. communicators who don’t prepare risk fines, a loss of revenue and public trust, and even their careers.

Get up to speed on what you need to know during the GDPR and Data Privacy for Communicators webinar on June 21.

Experts will explain:

  • The most crucial GDPR provisions and what they mean for you
  • How to update your data privacy and social media policies to remain compliant
  • What laws and regulations are on the horizon in the United States
  • How to update your strategies to continue reaching audiences effectively

Don’t wait until it’s too late—register for this informative webinar and get the facts on GDPR that all communicators should know.

Register here to save $30.

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