Could your corporate culture use a tuneup?

See how Verizon Wireless, OpenTable and Newell Brands built cultures that drive business results.

Look around your office. Do you notice employees doing the following?

  • Groaning at an invitation to your next town hall?
  • Struggling to remember the name of the person who sits next to them?
  • Taking off the minute the clock strikes five?

If so, you might have a culture problem that could cost you talented employees and ultimately hurt your bottom line.

What’s the remedy? Take some cues from communicators at Verizon Wireless, OpenTable and Newell Brands. Here are a few of their top tips:

1. Make inclusion, growth and productivity hallmarks of your culture.

2. Create channels that connect executives with widely-dispersed employees.

3. Use mobile apps to encourage participation and showcase employee stories.

Hear more of their advice during the Creating a Winning Corporate Culture Virtual Summit on May 18. You’ll discover how to unite your workforce, attract top talent and drive business goals forward.

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