Delta focuses on consumer interaction in the wake of canceled flights

The airline is trying to build trust and keep anger at bay after thousands of travelers were stranded because of a storm.

A few airlines are grappling with their reputations, but Delta’s PR response is coming out ahead.

After several days of mass flight cancellations and delays, Delta seems to be getting back to normal operation.

A statement posted on the airline’s website Sunday said that it was “still stabilizing”:

Unfortunately, availability of flight crews to operate within federally mandated crew rest and duty day guidelines following last week’s disruption are still prompting some additional cancellations and delays.

We know this is extremely frustrating for our customers and we apologize for that. Delta teams continue to work around the clock to fully reset our operation and keep customers informed.

Despite the airline working “around the clock” throughout the weekend, it still had to cancel roughly 130 flights, and it admitted that more cancellations were possible.

Still, that’s better than the 3,275 flights that Delta had to cancel at its Atlanta hub during severe storms (which included tornado-like conditions).

Delta’s tweets over the last several days were focused solely on communicating with customers.

With the poor weather ending in the Atlanta area, Delta is expected to resume its normal operations 100 percent this week. Still, the damage done by the trending #deltameltown hashtag has been done.

Customers’ main gripe was that even after the storms had passed, delays and cancellations persisted because of a ripple effect and the staffing issues it mentioned in the statement. Passengers seem willing to concede that weather was a factor initially, but unwilling to accept the time it took to get the airline back on track.

The airline’s saving grace is another PR team’s headache: Consumers’ attention was diverted from Delta’s woes to United Airline’s PR crisis after many woke to news that a passenger was dragged off of an overbooked flight.

United aside (for now)—what do you think Delta can (or should) do to recover from its #deltameltdown?

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