Delta misses with World Cup tweet

An image showing the score from Monday night’s game between the United States and Ghana showed a giraffe to represent the African country. It doesn’t have giraffes.

Social media celebrated when United States claimed a 2-1 victory against Ghana, a small country in northwestern Africa, in the World Cup on Monday night. And, of course, somebody screwed up.

This time it was Delta Airlines, which tweeted this image to add a little graphical flair to the score:

The Statue of Liberty represents the United States, while a giraffe stands in for Ghana. One problem: There aren’t any giraffes in Ghana. Giraffes are largely indigenous to southern and eastern Africa.

The mistake is particularly problematic coming from an airline, a company for which one would suspect geographic precision would be of the utmost importance. A few Twitter critics said much the same:

I’m guessing that when you book a flight to any of Nigeria or Kenya or the Ivory Coast or Ghana, @Delta tickets just say ‘Africa, whatever’

You get to Ghana and @delta has sent your luggage to some country that actually has giraffes…

Delta does, in fact, operate flights to and from Ghana’s capital city of Accra.

Twitter user @dcGisenyi found the source of the giraffe photo from the tweet: It’s a Getty Images photo of a giraffe at Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, where there are plenty of giraffes.

Delta apologized, but even had some issues in doing so. In its first attempt, it used the word “precious” instead of “previous” to describe its mistaken tweet. The Huffington Post grabbed an image:

Finally, it issued a correctly worded apology:

We’re sorry for our choice of photo in our previous tweet. Best of luck to all teams.

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