Delta travels back to the 1980s for in-flight safety video

To ensure that travelers pay attention, the airline has called in the some big hair and some retro pop stars.

How do you get jaded airline passengers to pay attention to those rote safety demonstrations at the beginning of flights? Make it totally rad!

Delta has taken an ’80s approach to its in-flight safety video, joining the trend of airlines that want to appear as if they don’t take themselves too seriously:

Nothing says 80s quite like Alf, Devo, mullets, and otherwise big hair.

Delta spokeswoman Leslie Scott offered an explanation for the throwback video in an email to CNN:

We want people to stay engaged while watching such an important message. We knew it was something that would resonate with many of our most frequent travelers who have an emotional connection to that decade — whether it’s a fond memory or produced some cringeworthy fashion/hair choices.

It’s a solid attempt, but it’s not quite as fabulous as this gem from Virgin America:

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