Do you really know how to start a speech?

Be sure you have command of the four ‘knows’ before writing your next speech.

Be sure you have command of the four ‘knows’ before writing your next speech

Know your speaker.

Know your audience.

Know your objective.

Know your subject.

Let’s elaborate.

Over time, of course, you get to know your speaker, though even then you may permit yourself to forget the essence of his or her personality.

At the beginning of a relationship, you have to make sure you know enough about the speaker to make that person appear in your words.

Is your speaker dignified or down to earth? Use informal language or the folksy? Devotee of esoterica or prisoner to Sunday television sports? Serious only or humorous also? Jokester or humorist?

Is your speaker dynamic or low-keyed? Extrovert or introvert? Salesman or scholar? Entertainer or teacher? Coach or preacher?

What are his/her mannerisms? Style?

Talking to your speaker tells you a lot. Observing your speaker in various situations with various people does too.

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