Don’t hang up: Why PR phone calls still matter

Are you repeatedly typing on your smartphone, firing off emails and texts? One PR pro says it might be time to drop that habit and revert to an old-school method of contact.

Many PR pros use email, messaging apps and texts to communicate with clients, vendors and journalists.

In the workplace, we’re lucky not to be tethered to an office—or even a specific desk—to communicate (although my FitBit tells me I’m tethered in other ways).

Something, though, is getting lost in shunning the phone. You might spend a lot of time crafting a detailed, well-articulated email or text only to have it misunderstood or skimmed by the reader.

Speaking by phone has become an anomaly, and your communication prowess isn’t being expressed as strongly via texts and emails. It’s amazing how effectively a quick phone call can clear up confusion, convey your tone and deliver your message.

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Also, when you’re talking on the phone with someone, you have that person’s focused attention.

I ask you to commit to talking on your phone more. Don’t lose one of PR’s most effective communication methods. Using our voices helps us to connect more effectively and genuinely.

Meggan Manson is a principal with Young & Associates , a tech-focused public relations agency. A version of this article first appeared on the Young & Associates blog.

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