Easy ways to get more Facebook fans

Building your fanbase doesn’t have to be hard. Try these simple tactics to attract more people to your page.

It’s great that you have a Facebook page, but guess what? So does everyone else.

Not many people like your page, so very few see your messages. It is disheartening and frustrating, and makes you question whether it’s worth the time you spend on it.

You are not alone.

Data from Recommend.ly says half of all Facebook pages have fewer than 256 fans. Thirty-one percent have fewer than 32 fans.

What gives?

There are a few characteristics of Facebook pages that lead to this issue:

  • Facebook does not allow you to proactively contact new people via your page.
  • Facebook is closed to Web search, so people looking for your business on Google won’t find you. (Get a Google+ page.)
  • Your page probably does not appeal to your audience, or make them want to share your content.
  • Everyone has a page, so it is hard to stand out. People are numb to your page.
  • Facebook wants you to buy ads, not get found organically.

How can you get more fans?

1. You should strive to make your Facebook page a unique resource for some aspect of your business. In other words, make it the place to go get information, insight, news, etc. This way, its perceived value will rise.

2. Offer amazing specials to a few of the most influential people who like your page. Start conversations with them on your page that highlight their experience with your business. Ask them to recommend your page and company on Facebook.

3. Consider social networks other than Facebook. Google+ profiles appear in Google searches and can help people find you outside of social networks.

4. Make a blog the center of your online promotion, and share it on various social networks.

Look to your stakeholders

A stakeholder is anyone who has something to gain or lose based on the success of a business. Some of the most obvious are the business owners, the owners’ family, employees, vendors who provide goods and services to the company, and anyone else with a chip in the game.

Ask these people to share your business’s content—it’s easy and effective. Take a look:

This is a fairly average page based on the statistics we talked about earlier. As you can see, an average page has access to more than 105,000 people if each fan shares a post.

Each fan is a link to about 427 people. Say you have 50 stakeholders. If you get them to buy in, your page can reach more than 21,300 people.

Spiro Pappadopoulos is founder of GuestFeed and blogs at Spirocks.com, where a version of this article originally appeared. (Image via)


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