Engagement and wellness lessons that must be learned from the past year

2020’s hardships have opened the door to permanently transform the way we work. Follow this guidance to enshrine worker well-being at the core of your business strategy moving forward.

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Engagement lessons for 2021

We all learned many painful lessons in 2020.

For execs, perhaps the most pressing takeaway is the stark reminder that employees can make or break any business. Sinking or swimming in 2021 is based entirely on the performance of your “human capital,” but how can you unleash your workers’ full potential in what’s sure to remain a fragmented, volatile landscape?

Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends report offers five definitive trends that wellness pros, HR staffers and communicators should pay close attention to and build their strategies around. Deloitte says the difference between merely “surviving” and ascending into organizational “thriving” boils down to these five steps:

1. Design work for well-being.

Moving forward, it’s essential to weave wellness into work design, according to Deloitte, instead of merely tacking on programs as an ancillary afterthought. That means tailoring a work experience that prioritizes mental health, encourages personal development, crystallizes healthy expectations and bakes in flexibility. If your work experience is anything less than seamless, compassionate, hyper-flexible and supportive, your retention will suffer.

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