Enlist your inner child to conquer writer’s block

Defeat your doubts and find your unique voice by going back to childhood—when everything was possible.

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Do you remember how easy it was to tell a story when you were a kid?

All you had to do was pick up two mismatched socks and create a simple narrative around Mr. and Mrs. Stripey-Sock.

Back in those days, you always had an audience sitting on the edge of their seats. Good old mom and dad believed you were a best-selling novelist, even at age 5. My parents— bless their hearts—would probably still give me a standing ovation at 27 if I used Mr. and Mrs. Stripey-Sock to this day.

So what changed? Your audience inevitably expands beyond your family to a less forgiving, more intimidating and more outspoken audience. Eventually writing stories becomes more complicated.

Writers must experience growth, so ditching the “pair of socks” narrative is good for your craft—but should you completely abandon your childish impulses when it comes to storytelling? Saving at least one youthful inclination can keep writer’s block at bay.

The true source of all writer’s block

You’ve likely experienced writer’s block without understanding why. I believe the root of all writer’s block ultimately comes from doubt.

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