Expand your audiences with podcasts

What equipment to buy? How to find stories? Should it go external, too? Download Ragan’s free guide to podcasting, and figure it all out.

Podcasts for internal communicators

Considering whether to launch a podcast?

Perhaps it sounds appealing, but how do you make the case to your executives? What’s the cost? What equipment do you need? Where will you find stories?

Exclusively available to members of Ragan’s Leadership Council, “How to Launch a Hit Podcast” answers the questions you’ll need to know in order to succeed.

You’ll glean tips from successful podcasts at UPS, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, General Electric and ConocoPhillips, showing how podcasts can work for you.

“Podcasting is huge,” adds ConocoPhillips Publications Director Ray Scippa. “People outside of the company are listening to podcasts all the time. It’s probably the last, best storytelling social media program that there is.”

As the medium skyrockets in popularity, find out how to provide interesting content that enlightens your audiences rather than oversaturates the market.

You’ll learn:

  • What you should discuss before you get started
  • How different companies model different styles of successful podcasts
  • What equipment and resources you need to build a studio—and how much they’ll set you back
  • What cheaper alternative might work for you
  • How to choose a host
  • Ways to get creative and establish an NPR-ish experience
  • Tips on podcast length—both production and listening time
  • How to brand and market your podcast
  • How to measure your success

Get access to this report—and to other in-depth, high-level practical guides—with your membership in Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council.


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