Finally! A social network for ‘beautiful’ people with high Klout scores

Looking for a sexy blogger or beautiful tweeter? By golly, you’re in luck.

Klout just got sexy. And I called this one, unfortunately.

A year ago in the first article I wrote about Klout, I predicted that social scoring systems would fragment along different demographic lines:

“Forget about Klout scores, there will be competitive rating systems for everything and it will be available to anybody at a push of a button. Wouldn’t it make sense to assign numbers for single people on the dating scene based on user ratings?”

Well, it is happening. I spit coffee on my computer keyboard when I read this announcement:

CrushBlvd, a startup based in Silicon Valley and purveyor of eye candy, launches a new social networking site for beautiful people. CEO Tina Lee points out the highlights of her new venture, “Looking at and connecting with beautiful people is fun, but it’s hard to find and socialize with them on an everyday basis. CrushBlvd solves this problem by creating a beautiful community that encourages social interaction.”

CrushBlvd uses a Crush score, which combines a Klout score and social networking features into a unique measuring tool, to determine members’ level of influence according to their looks and their ability to engage others. The higher the score represents the higher the popularity and attractiveness of the member.

Lee believes that the best way to connect with beautiful people online is not by another agonizing dating site, but through a pain free social networking site. “We are proud to have created this wonderful niche, so users can have easier access to connecting with our attractive members regardless of their relationship status,” she said.

Purveryor of eye candy? Excuse me. I am going to be sick.

Congratulations to Tina Lee, who has just cornered the market on vacuity. And this is just the beginning folks.

Here are my next business model predictions:

PolitiK—merging Klout scores with political activities. Wouldn’t finding people via influencer topics be an outstanding way to connect with supporters and potential donors? It would be so much easier than recruiting at rallies and you could find backers in every community.

UKlout—connecting topic influencers on college campuses. Why not do semantic analysis to find people who are like you on your college campus? It’d be a useful tool, especially for freshman trying to find friends.

Teenie Tweetie—teenagers are civilization’s greatest raters and comparers. When will they have their own Klout-style rating system?

BOUNCE*Bloggers: Overweight, Underpaid, Neglected, Cuddly, and Erudite. I am the charter member. I’m developing my top secret algorithm that accounts for girth, income and the number of infographics per tweet. It’s very complicated. I am also working on Bounce Perks. For my Bounciest members, I will send weekly graft from all my rich advertisers—once I get them.

Who among you will start these companies? Who is going to join CrushBlvd and admit it?

*This is a joke. I know humor doesn’t translate across cultures sometimes. So to be clear, I’m not really doing this!

Mark Schaefer is the executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions and blogs at grow, where a version of this post originally ran.

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