First day of summer brings PR bonanza

Solstice, smoothies, selfies: Whatever your interest, you’ll find ways to newsjack June 21.

Summer solstice PR

With the arrival of the summer solstice, the season of beaches and picnics officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere. Where better to capture some PR mojo than Fairbanks, Alaska, where the sun won’t set today?

The city, better known in the Lower 48 for its long winters, is celebrating the sunshine with an epic Midnight Sun Festival, the Midnight Sun Baseball Game and the Midnight Sun Run.

Explore Fairbanks got out ahead of the holiday with a reminder on Tuesday of the glories of the midnight sun this week:

A little exuberance is to be expected in a land that also endures winter days when the sun never crosses the horizon. Still, those more inspired by human-designated holidays found plenty of other ways to newsjack June 21, given that it’s National Selfie Day, National Smoothie Day, National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada and any number of other events.

Google was right off the mark with a solstice-related doodle. But its Australian site,, curiously posted a summer doodle on winter solstice Down Under (or is that just how it displays in North America?):

Nyhus Communications was happy to advance the holiday by tweeting a client event. Images of Stonehenge, however, prevailed among organizations like 1st Point Comms which were marking summer solstice. This makes sense, as the Neolithic site draws thousands of people every year to celebrate.

For its part, Dunkin Donuts surely hopes those in a summery mood will pick up a baker’s dozen while dropping by for its offer of free lemonade.

From delis to doughnut makers, social media managers and marketers found ways to say, “Look at me!” There were even some freebies to be snagged for those who shrug off the onset of swimsuit season and are instead looking to pad the old spare tire:

Summer solstice coincides with National Smoothie Day. Planet Smoothie—a fitting name for this day in Earth’s orbit—is also looking for social sharing with its offer of lemonade. Rival Smoothie King isn’t taking this lying down, tweeting to build anticipation this week.

(When is somebody going to designate a really useful summer food day, such as National Bratwurst Day? Oh. Never mind.)

Wayback Burgers hopes you’ll skip the smoothies and go for a free shake instead:

Pee-wee Herman may belong to the class of forgotten celebrities of yesteryear, but he has not forgotten solstice:

McDonald’s was eager to cash in on National Selfie Day. Still, call me slow-witted, but I have no idea what they’re giving away. (A Frylus?) Also, the U.S. Agriculture Department wants you to believe that cows take their own photos:

The Defense Department posted its own selfie, featuring Secretary Mattis with a group of troops:

In a cheerfully narcissistic era, even NASA seemed more interested in National Selfie Day than boring old solstice. Hey, whatever gets you those retweets.

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