Flowchart: Are you a good listener?

You might think you’re a pleasant person to converse with, but others might feel differently. Here’s a fun way to find out whether your conversation skills are on point or seriously lacking.

Are you a good listener?

Your first thought is likely, “Yes, I’m an excellent listener!” but you might want to think again.

I thought I was a good listener, too—until I tried out this flowchart from CT Business Travel.

Depending on your answers to its questions, the flowchart will tell you whether you’re a great listener, an occasional listener or in need of serious work. (I’m an “occasional listener,” apparently, because I often feel the need to fill the silence in conversations.)

The infographic also lists ways to improve your listening skills depending on your diagnosis. For example, I could go from an occasional listener to a great one by embracing silence and by using those quite moments to reflect on what the other person has said.

In what ways could you be a better conversationalist? Do you have any advice for overcoming bad conversation habits? Please share in the comments, and check out the flowchart below:

(View a larger image.)


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