Flowers vs. tech gadgets: Which is the best gift for Mom?

Finding a great gift for mom isn’t just a matter of racking your brain for the perfect idea—now it’s a battle of infographics.

In case you’ve avoided all advertising, marketing, and sponsored social media posts this week, Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you haven’t decided what to give your mother in exchange for bringing you life—and, in turn, the ability to read posts like this one—a couple of infographics may help you decide. The first, from PriceGrabber and courtesy of Marketing Pilgrim, reveals that 40 percent of consumers buy flowers for Mom, followed by gift cards and clothing/accessories at 24 percent apiece. Meanwhile, the majority of you cheapskates (52 percent) plan to spend less than $100 on your mother: Though many people opt for flowers, Mom might prefer tech gifts. TechBargains has its own Mother’s Day infographic that reveals 91 percent of moms would prefer an iPad over flowers as a gift. Considering that most of you aren’t going over $100 on your spending, however, looks like most moms will be out of luck:

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